Client Testimonials

“Pilates changed my life. I’m in better condition now at 51 then I was at 21. I’ve improved my golf game and my endurance for skiing. It’s eliminated the back pain I had from practicing dentistry.”

Dr. Russo, Studio Joe Client

“It’s improved my flexibility and increased my endurance for marathons and triathlons by strengthening my core stomach muscles. It’s also stabilized my weight. Pilates tones you completely and keeps you lean.”

Rebecca Harrison, Studio Joe Client

“When I was diagnosed with MS, I tried a lot of exercise programs. I started Pilates over 2 years ago and have since improved my balance and strength. Pilates has been the only workout program to do that for me in since my diagnosis 10 years ago.”

Wendy Horwitch, Studio Joe Client

“I first came to Pilates to get in shape after giving birth, but it’s done so much more. It’s given me great muscle tone and leaves me feeling strong and invigorated after each lesson— ready to face the day with four kids.”

Collette Johnson, Studio Joe Client

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